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From investment to consultancy, sales to after-sales and property management services, T ONE prides itself in identifying valuable real estate investment opportunities, focusing on developments in countries like Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Japan, and United Kingdom.

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01. Project Underwriting

Collaborative Approach through Underwriting

Breaking the mould of usual practices in the real estate industry, T ONE offers upfront financial commitment to real estate developers to underwrite project developments that we have identified to be promising and rewarding.

With stringent due diligence, extensive research, and feasibility analysis, we commit only to those we believe will deliver strong results which then translates into best property investment opportunities to our clients.

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02. Asset Acquisition

Asset Acquisition through Joint Venture

To strengthen and build our investment portfolio, T ONE also conducts land analysis, market research and feasibility study on several land and hotel projects in territories such as Pattaya and Phuket, Thailand.

Through joint ventures with renowned and established developers, it allows us to work together and combine our resources and strengths to develop real estate projects. Managing partners bring in valuable industry expertise, time and effort to manage the project, while limited partners provide the capital required to fund the project.

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03. Real Estate Consultancy

Our Consultancy Work is the Gateway to Real Estate Solution

T ONE offers professional, insightful and innovative consultancy advice to our real estate developers, partners and clients. Our consultancy work covers but are not limited to: market research, analytics, creatives, advertising, branding, sales and marketing.

Our team have successfully marketed many overseas projects to clients from all walks of life—a fitting testimony to our unwavering dedication to provide our clients with unique real estate services that truly makes a difference.

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04. Property Management

After-Sales Service, Bringing It All Together…

Our property knowledge runs well beyond investment and consultancy. Our Property Management team has in-depth experience with expertise in estate management, providing our clients manage their real estate assets in areas of renovation, leasing, housekeeping and maintenance services.

- Property Inspection

- Interior Design & Furnishing

- Leasing Services

- Concierge Services

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