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A project nearly sold out

Chapter Charoennakhon-Riverside, Bangkok

With the Thai general election, the escalating trade war between China and the US in 2019, our economic development and political landscape present unforeseen challenges. Under such a circumstance, Chapter Charoennakhon-Riverside, a project involving the most excellent real-estate developer in Thailand – Pruksa, is an exclusive investment by Singaporean company T ONE, managed to thrive against the odds. In a mere 17-day, over 200 apartments were sold at a total value of over 1.1 billion Thai Baht, becoming one of Thailand's most successful sales records.

" As per the source, T ONE Capital is an exclusive underwriting partner of the Chapter Charoennakhon-Riverside project, involving over 1.2 billion Thai Baht investment. Besides, this is T ONE's second project in Thailand to set foot into this thriving market. The first project being Plum Condo Rangsit Alive 2, located near Bangkok university. It had also achieved a remarkable result with over 150 apartments sold as of now. "

A project nearly sold out


The Singaporean company T ONE Capital resulted from a co-investment from various property management groups and real estate agencies located in Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and China. T ONE's work mainly covers real estate investments, property sales, and property management. Projects that T ONE involves spreads across Asia, with representative offices set up in 6 major cities, including Hong Kong, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Beijing, Shenzhen, and Bangkok.

At its core, T ONE is run by a team of experts, from serial entrepreneur, fund manager to an experienced senior real estate agent. Most had achieved well academically, from MBA to a master's degree. An accumulative total of their work experience accounts for over 40 years in working with real estate investments, developments, consultancies, and property management. T ONE Capital dedicates itself to providing the highest quality real-estate investment projects and offers excellent after-sales services. T ONE Capital takes the weight off investors' shoulders by offering high-quality projects for investment opportunities and distinctive market insights, achieving the ultimate goal of preserving and uplifting their investors' assets.

To adapt in an ever-changing era, allocating for overseas assets has become an essential element for reducing investment risks and upholding asset values and an entryway to ride along with the thriving economic wave.

Chapter Charoennakhon-Riverside locates right across the Chao Phraya River in Bangkok. With 667 apartments facing the river, each residence has the opportunity to absorb the essence brought by the riverside view. Charoen Krung Road is right behind the project, guarding the Chao Phraya River and hosting the numerous iconic Bangkok attractions. They include the Lebua sky bar, the luxury shopping centre CONSIAM and the King Power MahaNakhon. Siding to its South resides the 'Bangkok eye' – the romantic Ferris wheel; Next to its East brings you the Four Seasons Private Residences, the Four Seasons hotel, and the 6-star Capella Hotel. The Shrewsbury, one of the poshest schools in Thailand, is located right in the project. Overall, this project is not only surrounded by 12 different astonishing 5 to 6-star hotels, a 4-lane traffic way, one posh school, and one luxury shopping centre, as well as eight hospitals within its 3-mile radius. Combined with an unparalleled Lifestyle, excellent facility, brilliant apartment quality, and remarkably views, it starts at merely 3.51 million Thai Baht for an apartment.

As the Chapter Charoennakhon-Riverside project reaches the end of its sales period, T ONE Capital establishes itself and looks over the various opportunities worldwide. T ONE is now in talks with another high-quality project to arrange the next partnership agreement. T ONE's projection for 2019 involves a total of 3 billion Thai Baht investment.

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T ONE is an international real estate investment company specialising in property investment and services in Asia Pacific and Europe. From investment to consultancy, sales to after-sales and property management services, T ONE prides itself in identifying valuable real estate investment opportunities, focusing on developments in countries like Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Japan, and United Kingdom.

Founded in 2019 by a team of professionals that is driven by passion, excellence, and experience accumulated over the last 35 years, T ONE strives to deliver exceptional services and support to every real estate developer, investor, agency partner and purchaser around the world.

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Headquartered in Singapore, with offices in Bangkok, Beijing, and Hong Kong, T ONE has established its global footprint with an extensive distribution channel network of more than 15 locations around the world including Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia and United Kingdom. This wealth of a strong and supportive global distribution partner network enables T ONE to bridge property investors to exclusive and premium opportunities in the global real estate market. Our success in sourcing and delivering reliable projects have not only won us the trust from investors around the world but also cemented mutually beneficial partnerships with preferred developers and our distribution partners in major continents.